Prepare for ministry grounded in Latino/a experiences

Hispanic Theology and Ministry Program (HTMP)

Established in 1982, the Hispanic Theology and Ministry Program (HTMP) provides theological education that is historically, culturally, pastorally, and theologically situated in Latin@ contexts. Through academic degrees, concentrations, certificates, and Latin@-themed courses, HTMP prepares students for theological study, ministry, and leadership in a church that is increasingly Latino/a in the USA. Through Latinx faculty, lectures, public events, and special programming, HTMP resources the greater community in pastoral ministry and theology done latinamente. 

Academic Programs in Hispanic Theology and Ministry


CTU is a sponsoring institutional member of the ecumenical .


Latino/as in ministry from the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet might also be interested in the Archbishop Oscar Romero Scholarship Program.


 to read Carmen Nanko-Fernández’s article in America 中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...about “The Preferential Option for Culture in Latino/a Theology” colloquium at Loyola University Chicago.

For more information on the Hispanic Theology and Ministry courses, contact: Dr. Carmen Nanko-Fernández, Director. Phone: 773.371.5533 E-mail:


For more information on the Certificate in Catholic Preaching / Certificado en Predicación Católica, contact Rev. Dr. Eddie De León, Director. Email: