The CTU Admissions staff is ready to help all potential students navigate the application process from first inquiry to the first day of class. We work diligently to answer all your questions, with speed, professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality.


Please feel free to call or email to reach out to us:
Phone: 773.371.5451
Fax: 773.371.5452


中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...Our traditional business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Central US time. However, we work to reply to all inquiries within one business day — or sooner — and can adjust those times and days to meet your schedule.

We welcome you to schedule your  


Kathryn Trnka

Sr. Director of Enrollment Management

Herb_Quinde_HS-2 copy

Herbert Quinde

Associate Director of Enrollment Management


Jay Nawrocki

中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...Admissions Counselor

180122 - Jessica - mark campbell photography-2 (1)

Jessica Curbis

Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator