A message from Rev. Mark Francis, CSV

中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...Dear Friends,


Welcome to Catholic Theological Union. The opportunities here for learning, friendship, and spiritual nourishment are many and varied. Our graduate school of theology and ministry is, indeed, a very vibrant place.


中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...Our students enjoy the opportunity to study with an internationally acclaimed faculty and use the resources of our superb theological library. Our lively community of faith and learning comprises men and women, religious and lay, from around the globe. This diversity brings a richness to the CTU experience that is quite special. Our commitment to interreligious dialogue, exemplified by our unique programs in Jewish and Islamic studies, further establishes CTU as a leader in reconciliation and peacemaking efforts among people of faith. A charter member of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS), CTU students have open access to hundreds of courses across various Christian denominations, and we are blessed by a strong academic alliance with Chicago’s DePaul University, which affords our students additional educational opportunities.


Our school was founded in 1968. Inspired by the expansive vision of the Second Vatican Council, three religious orders took a risk and closed their individual seminaries located in rural settings in order to form a union中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ... situated in a dynamic urban environment. Today, we prepare candidates to the priesthood from some 24 religious communities, and provide pastoral and theological training for women religious and lay women and men.


With downtown Chicago almost at our doorstep, the beautiful Lake Michigan just a few short blocks away, and the University of Chicago as our neighbor, CTU is ideally situated to provide nourishment to mind, heart, and soul. I invite you to explore our website and, even better, contact us and arrange a visit.


中文无码有码亚洲 欧美,伊人影院,国产在线视频不卡一,精品 在线 ...We are eager to welcome you.


Rev. Mark R. Francis, CSV